Still your waters

Chakra Balancing (Reiki)

My Reiki sessions include 50-60 min Chakra Balancing,

the use of Crystal Energy, Aroma / Essential Oils, Singing Bowl

Whole body Vibration and Frequency tone 528 Hz (DNA Repair)

in the Background. Three packages to choose from. Just fill out 

form and choose your package below. 

*Free Lavander & Chamomile infused relaxation eye Pillow with

the purchase of the 4 Sessions Package ($15 value).


               BENEFITS OF REIKI:

    •        Works at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level


    •        Promotes specific healing


    •        Removes pain


    •        Reduces stress and increases relaxation


    •        Increases energy and vitality


    •        Creates awakening and inner harmony


    •        Works on emotional and mental disorders.


    •        Promotes calm and serenity


    •        Goes to where it is needed


    •        Release blocked energies


    •        It can be used on animals and plants


    •        Does not require a belief system or faith


    •        Promotes a loving and gentle spirit


    •        Centers the channeler and the person receiving the energy


    •        Brings joy


    •        Work in relationships


    •        It complements very well with other therapies


    •        It helps you to know yourself better and understand your needs


    •        It helps you on the way to becoming a better person


Hand of the Earth Energy is located in Homestead, Florida. Sessions and Classes are available in person to those in the area or Nationally to those with access to video chat. Call us at (786) 348-8088 or email us at to schedule a session.