About us

I have always been very open and have always questioned that there has to be more to life than this. In 2016, my life changed. I was doing healthcare events and I was in Vero Beach where an old friend was living at the time. So, I met up with her and we had coffee and a conversation. She told me she is doing Reiki and tried to explain it to me, but soon just said: “come on let’s do a mini session.” I have always been very tense and never was really able to relax enough to let go and enjoy the moment. But in that mini session, I wasn’t sure what happened (I know now) but I felt like I was floating and a calming peace I had never felt. Afterward, I felt like I was floating and light headed. Got home and Slept like I have never slept before. From this point in my life, things started to change in me and around me. Funny how things happen that all of a sudden a friend I had been going to class with was a reiki master and I never knew. So she was teaching a class and I was like well if I could learn to heal myself I might be able to help heal others. Needless to say by mid-2017 I was a Reiki Master and had also completed Clinical and Dynamic Hypnosis. 

“As a nurse, I have always cared for others”


So my oldest daughter has always suffered from severe anxiety and seemed to be getting worse as she got older. Through my journey, I met an amazing friend, who was an Angel card reader and she worked at this shop which had gemstones and all the things you would expect to find in a metaphysical shop. So while my daughter went to speak with my friend, I was attracked to all the stones. Everytime I touched a stone I felt like a shock in my fingers, I thought that was wierd so I went to another section and the same thing happened, at this point, I was like OK and went to the back and again the same shock feeling in my fingers. At this point, I wasnt touching anything else. So my daughter and friend where ready and my friend looks at me and says did something happen? I said nope and we went to lunch. For the next two weeks, all I could think of was this shop and all the stones in it. SO I called my friend and invited her to lunch again just so I could go to the shop again and tell her what happend last time I was there. She laughed and said I kinda knew already and said that the stones more like the Earth was calling me. So I started noticing that my daughter was having less anxiety episodes and I was begining to release old hurts and traumas with the combination of Reiki and the Stones. Which lead to me starting my own shop. As a nurse, I have always cared for others. Now I feel like I can still care for others in a more meaningful and spiritual way.